Dr Jessica Taylor (PhD, FRSA)

VictimFocus is a blog dedicated to conversation, research and best practice in the topic of victim/survivors of sexual violence. 

I’m not going to paint this as a professional venture. Most of my blog posts are spontaneous, take less than 20 minutes and are generally written in rage or response to something that I can clearly see is causing or perpetuating victim blaming. Evidence-based ranting, I like to call it.

My doctoral research employed a critical feminist perspective to focus on the contributory factors from all levels of society that encourage and maintain victim blaming of women who have experienced sexual violence. I explored the link between victim blaming, self-blame and revictimisation. I conducted an extremely large and unique literature review of all of the contributory factors to victim blaming and self blame which highlighted some incredible trends and findings. I am the author of the first psychometric scale of victim blaming of women experiencing sexual violence and abuse which I named the BOWSVA. It was tested in the UK on over 800 people and shown to be valid and reliable. I interviewed women and therapists all over the UK about their experiences of victim blaming and how we can change the way we respond to victim of sexual violence and abuse to ensure that our practice does not promote, collude with or ignore victim blaming.

I am an independent author, national specialist writer, researcher and speaker too. Check out http://www.victimfocus.org.uk for lots of interesting services and lots of free videos you can use at work, in teaching and in debates.

Take away message of this blog?

The blame lies solely with the perpetrator. 100% with them. No one else. Ever.

Contact Details:

Email: jessica@victimfocus.org.uk

Web: http://www.victimfocus.org.uk

Twitter: @DrJessTaylor

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