37 questions to prove that systemic misandry doesn’t exist anywhere in the world

29th August 2021

Written by Dr Jessica Taylor

Social media connects billions of people around the world based on their ideas, commonalities and shared interests. This has meant that people have been able to discuss and debate topics that have previously been ignored or dismissed.

One of the topics that seems to be being discussed more recently, is misandry. Whilst misandry is loosely defined as the hatred and oppression of males, it has been compared to the power of misogyny (the hatred and oppression of females).

I am writing this blog as a go-to list of questions for those people who claim that the world is misandrist, and that women are in power, or that women have more rights than men.

Further, I write this to challenge men who believe that systemic misandry exists on the same scale, or worse than misogyny.

The reason for these questions is two fold:

1. You probably cannot give real, evidence based examples for all, or most, or any of these because misandry doesn’t, and never has existed in a patriarchy where men rule the world

2. If you did find one example, all you have done is found an exception which proves the rule. If all you can find is one example in the history of the entire world, whilst thousands or millions of girls and women are subjected to that example on a daily basis, again, you’ve proven that misandry does not and cannot exist on a systemic level.

Here are the misandry questions, all based on current global legislation, statistics and research from UN, WHO and world governments:

1. Can you name 1 instance of an all-female terrorist regime that has committed acts of mass rape and murder towards boys and men who they deem inferior?

2. Can you name 1 instance where a group of female terrorists abducted hundreds of little boys from their school, to traffic them for sex?

3. Can you name 1 female led country in the world where it is illegal for men to drive a car or have a driving licence because they are perceived as too stupid?

5. Can you name 1 female led country in the world where men are not allowed to leave their houses without a female chaperone?

6. Can you name 1 country in the world where females in power have legally dictated that men should cover their entire bodies at all times, not show their hair or faces, and punish men and boys who do show their skin?

7. Can you name 1 female led country or community in the world that has legally banned boys from getting an education or attending school?

8. Can you name 1 company which is currently abducting and exploiting men and boys to impregnate, carry and birth babies for rich white people whilst being locked in facilities for 9 months?

9. Can you name 1 female led country where the child marriage of boys as young as 6 years old to adult women is widely encouraged or legally allowed?

10. Can you name 1 country where men are not allowed to take part in sports at all?

11. Can you name 1 country where 1 in 3 men will be raped or sexually assaulted by women?

12. Can you name 1 country where the entire government is female?

13. Can you name 1 country where all CEOs of top performing companies are female?

14. Can you name 1 country where men who become fathers are expected not to work or study?

15. Can you name 1 country where men are made to live in small huts once per month due to their hormonal cycle as they are perceived to be unclean and unworthy of being in bed with a woman?

16. Can you name 1 country where teenage and unmarried fathers were sent away to asylums and institutions to live there and look after their babies on their own?

17. Can you name 1 country where the majority of all murders of men are committed by women?

18. Can you name 1 female-led major world religion which suggests or describes men as inferior to women?

19. Can you name 1 country where males must get permission and supervision of females to travel, marry or seek healthcare?

20. Can you name 1 country where large groups of women publicly stone men to death for showing their skin?

21. Can you name 1 country where large groups of women kill men for having sex before marriage?

22. Can you name 1 country where large groups of women publicly flog and beat men as a form of punishment for being seen out alone without a female chaperone?

23. Can you name 1 country where men have been forbidden from using any form of contraception?

24. Can you name 1 country where a man has never been in power or leadership in government?

25. Can you name 1 country where men are not allowed to apply for a passport without the express permission of a woman?

26. Can you name 1 country in the world where women kill more than 3 men per week?

27. Can you name 1 country in the world that states that male prisoners can only leave prison if they transferred into the guardianship of a woman who will then control them?

28. Can you name 1 country in the world where a man is not recognised as ‘a whole person before the court’ and therefore cannot give evidence in a trial unless it is backed up by a woman who is deemed as a ‘whole person’?

29. Can you name 1 country in the world where men do not have the right to vote, but women do?

30. Can you name 1 country in the world where a woman has a legal right to stop her husband from working in occupations she doesn’t like or want him to do?

31. Can you name 1 country where female-led governments have stated that men are not legally allowed to drive trains, tractors or pilot ships?

32. Can you name 1 country where men were not allowed to watch sporting events?

33. Can you name 1 country where men are not allowed to serve in the military?

34. Can you name 1 country in the world where universities restrict their male university population to 10-15% to ensure more women than men get into higher education because they are deemed more important than men?

35. Can you name 1 country where a man can be given up to 100 lashes for wearing trousers?

36. Can you name 1 country or community where it is illegal for men to own or use a mobile phone?

37. Can you name 1 country where men and boys were routinely sectioned and had their reproductive organs removed because female doctors believed it was causing them to become insane?

The reality is, that no matter how much some men want to pretend they are oppressed, and discriminated against by ‘misandry’, there is no global evidence of female-led systems which oppress, murder, rape and abuse men and boys. It isn’t happening anywhere in the world.

Is it possible for women to hate men? Yes.

Is it possible that there are entire global power systems that seek to oppress and control men and boys, whilst removing their human rights to healthcare, justice and education, on the same level as misogyny? Nope.

The pitiful cries of misandry are nothing more than whataboutery and distractions from mainly privileged white men, desperate to position themselves as the real victims of a systemic oppression that simply doesn’t exist in a patriarchy.

It’s time we ditched this fantasy oppression of men and concentrated on achieving equity for the sexes by making global systemic and structural changes so that none of the questions in this article are ever relevant to women and girls (or men and boys).

Written by Dr Jessica Taylor

27 thoughts on “37 questions to prove that systemic misandry doesn’t exist anywhere in the world

  1. Utterly utterly spot on! Brilliant and horrific equally. AND now, western countries are trying to say men can now identify as women and gain access to women’s safe spaces. AND sexual crimes committed by men can be recorded as by women if they identify as such 😡.

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    1. Hey man, let’s not throw trans people under the bus. I agree with the points made here, but trans people have their own can of worms to deal with, and they belong in the feminist movement. The men that abuse this idea are the problem here.


    1. OK, but even in the US, a woman can’t go outside without a pocketbook without having her womanhood questioned. A woman can’t go to a bar alone. A woman is told to “smile” ad-nauseum. Women and girls are abducted by grown men (and sometimes teenage males). Grown men masturbate at us as we play on the playground or walk down the street. A woman speaks without the high pitched valley girl affectation and men question her womanhood, and some women do too. It goes on and on. Misogyny is rooted in Christianity as well. Judaism is also inherently hateful/discriminatory against women.

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  2. You’ve nailed it, Doctor (and I am saying this as a male reader). The list is tremendous and really serves to highlight the unfathomable depths into which the female personality has been hurled… and to think that we are in the 21st century!

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    1. Why are men like this? Everything has to be about them. In the case of circumcision, men impose it upon other men, not women to men. Plus, some people even claim that circumcision improve sex lives. Nothing compared to FGM, which removes the clitoris. Quit trying to victimize yourself. Men have always been the oppresors over women. Just accept that.

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      1. wow that’s a crock of shit. Like how you abdicated all your responsibility on what happens to boys by your complicit silence and shifted it solely to men. And then tried to shame them for their comment on top of trying to one up their point. Wow you truly are an inspiring person. No wait manhater probably more true to point. But I expect a few like you on a page like this.

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  3. None of this happens in the Western world. It’s all in shithole countries, countries where they don’t respect human rights in general.

    And no one says there’s sysemic discrimination of men in society. This is a strawman argument. It has to do more with psychology and people. Like why is there more mental illness among men, and why is the suicide rate twice as high for men as it is for women. That’s to do with psychology, gender roles/expectations and empathy gap for men vs. Women. So, I think you missed the point entirely.

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    1. Wow I’m surprised this wasn’t written by Fox News. People really aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves in public anymore. You’re just a sad racist. Why even comment on this article if you know nothing about it? You have so little knowledge on this that you haven’t even seen the whiny men that claim systemic misandrist exists. Pathetic.

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  4. Women in the Western world often talk about how they’re oppressed and living in a patriarchy, even in modern times. Yet reverse the sexes of these questions and ask yourselves, how many apply to women in the Western world in the current year? Seemingly only question 17 holds true. Every other question only applies to women in developing countries, and especially in the Islamic world. So you can certainly make the case that women are oppressed and living in a patriarchy under Islam, I won’t argue with that, but it’s ridiculous to claim that American women are oppressed just because Iranian women are.

    Finally, with regards to question 37, female circumcision is currently illegal but male circumcision is legal everywhere and widespread, and one of the reasons males have their genitals mutilated is because apparently “women prefer it”. So I guess that means we’re living in a matriarchy after all.

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  5. The figures for domestic violence are recorded and taken by organisations or government departments with a feminist leaning. They are NOT neutral. They present the figures based on biased interpretations.

    And before you dismiss me like others, Dr, we both know you never pass actual evidence backed comments, when they contradict you.

    Traditionalists also take against the man because they are biased with a chilvalrous mindset. Positive sexism, in other words.

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  6. It’s so refreshing to read this and to read anything you write.I struggle every day with the frustration of hearing other women deny, ‘go silent’ on me, do a ‘whataboutery’ argument, pick up on the way I say things etc etc.They often show such lack of understanding or empathy about the way the patriarchy works
    that no wonder it continues.It’s mind-blowing as to how so many women think Prostitution’ can be about consent and choice too.

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  7. So, let’s get this clear – because in some cultures/countries (that for some reason you choose not to be explicit about) women are treated worse, misandry can’t exist anywhere!

    That’s like telling a person of colour, in the western world today, to shut up about racism because they don’t live under apartheid or slavery.

    Impeccable “logic” as usual, to which you have added dodgy racial politics.

    A true star of feminism.

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