20 signs your boyfriend or husband is a misogynist

10th April 2020

Written by Dr Jessica Taylor

The thing about lockdown is that it will be causing reflection and in some cases, forcing some very uncomfortable thinking to take place.

You might be missing loved ones, but you might also be starting to realise that you are in a relationship with a misogynist. This blog is to help women and girls think about whether they are in a relationship with a misogynist and consider the impact it may be having on you.

Before I give you the signs to look out for, let me explain what I mean by ‘misogynist’ or ‘misogyny’.

Misogyny is officially defined in dictionaries as:

‘The hatred of women including prejudice and contempt for women and girls. Misogyny can also include the belief that females are inferior humans to males.’

There has been a concerted effort to minimise and delegitimize the concept and language of ‘misogyny’.

When we discuss the reality and impact of misogyny, we are now met with accusations that misogyny is a myth dreamt up by feminist and ‘social justice warriors’.

The word ‘misogyny’ comes from two words. ‘Misos’ meaning hatred and ‘gune’ meaning woman. In the mid-17th century, it began to be used as ‘misogyny’ to mean the hatred of women. 400 years later, the definition has not changed, and we continue to discuss the global phenomenon linked to sexism – the hatred of females.

To people who have never considered this before, the concept of people hating 51% of the global population probably seems unlikely or farfetched. However, as my new book will and many other books about violence against women and girls already have shown, there are thousands of examples of the constant, enduring ways we hate, harm, control, abuse and kill women and girls all over the world and throughout history.

Misogyny is displayed in so many direct and indirect ways. Sometimes they are obvious, and sometimes they are hidden in seemingly benevolent messages and beliefs about women, men and social roles.

Misogyny has existed in several forms for thousands of years. Aristotle wrote that women were ‘inferior, incomplete, deformed versions of men’ (Freeland, 1994). Ancient Greek mythology contains many examples of misogyny, in which stories are told that the world was a peaceful and balanced place until Gods created women. However, later Greek literature generally considered misogyny to be a disease, as it contradicted all natural and social aims and norms to hate women and girls.

Second wave feminists tend to argue that misogyny is both the cause and the result of patriarchal control.

If you notice any of the following in your relationship or in the man you are with, you are living with a misogynist or someone who hold misogynistic views.

He tends to make comments about women being incapable, stupid or weak

He might make comments directly, indirectly or as ‘jokes’. He might like posts, watch shows or listen to speakers who consistently talk shit about women and girls. He might suggest that women are shit drivers, are too weak to perform certain tasks, are incapable of leadership etc.

He’s sees female equality as some tokenistic ‘woke’ bullshit

He makes comments about female world leaders, CEOs or female sports stars that suggest he believes they are only there because we have to play along with equality and pretend that women can do things as well as men.

He expresses a real distaste or anger towards female politicians and leaders

He might suggest they only got to where they are because they’ve slept with men or because of what they look like. He might talk about female leaders and politicians dress, body shape, face, appearance and behaviour in a way that is not relevant to him in male leaders and politicians

He doesn’t support or like you working or earning decent money

He is grumpy, annoyed, distant or offensive about your money. It might be that you’ve recently got a new job, had a pay rise or been promoted. It might be that you’ve gone back to work after having children and now have your own income source that he no longer controls. He has no interest in the things you are saving for and he doesn’t value anything you have paid for. In contrast, anything he is saving for or has paid for is the most amazing and kindest most generous thing ever to happen to anyone.

He uses phrases like ‘don’t be such a woman’ or ‘like a little bitch’ or ‘he’s a pussy’

The badge of the misogynist – his constant use of female as an insult. Every time he uses these phrases and phrases like it, what he’s really saying is that there is nothing more offensive than being female. Pussy is an insult because it’s female. Bitch is an insult because it’s female. ‘Don’t be a woman’ is an insult because he’s suggesting that being a woman is something to be ashamed of.

He expects you to be his mother and his housekeeper

Yeah. You’re supposed to look after him, mother him, cook for him, clean for him, do his laundry for him, keep his diary for him, remember his mother’s birthday for him, remind him of your own birthday, sort all the bills, write all the Christmas cards, advise him (though he rarely takes your advice), listen to him moan and so on and so forth. Your role is basically his constant servant, to fulfil his needs in every way possible at all times.

Sort of like a mother. Who he wants to shag.

Freud would have a field day. Wait? Didn’t Freud…?

He wants sex when he wants it, on his terms, how he wants it

Sex with him is sort of like an obligation, when you don’t want it, he gets angry with you. He has sex the way he wants, sex is not about your pleasure or about what you want. You rarely orgasm or you fake it so he feels fulfilled because he couldn’t handle knowing he’s so bad in bed. He sometimes withholds intimacy as a punishment. He wakes you up in the night wanting sex. He doesn’t take no for an answer. He might talk you into it when you don’t really want it. He might think he’s the most amazing guy in bed ever – and make sex all about his performance rather than your experience.

(NB – if any of these are true for you, this is sexual abuse and rape, and he’s not just a misogynist.)

If he does any ‘woman’s work’ he wants some sort of medal for it

He prides himself on hoovering once or cleaning the kitchen that weekend. But you didn’t hear the last of it for months.

He doesn’t really like or want to do any housework or childcare because he suggests to you that’s it’s your job, and he has important man things to do, like work and play on the Xbox. If he does help around the house and look after the kids, he wants constant praise and thanks for it. If you forget to thank him one hundred times a week, you are told you are ungrateful.

Alternatively, he does quite a lot of housework but reminds you of how good he is for doing stuff you ‘should’ be doing. He might do this in a subtle manner or literally tell you that he’s a good man because he does housework/childcare.

He puts you down

About anything. Your friends. Your hobbies. Your skills. Your interests. Your talents. Your appearance. Your family. Your accent. Your ideas. Your studies. Your opinions. Your dreams. Anything. He’s doing that because he’s weak as fuck and he wants you to feel as weak as him. He can’t stand that you are an independent human.

All his exes are ‘psychos’

Red flag alert. If all his exes are ‘psycho liars’ – you’re in danger. If every word he says about his exes is to convince you that they are all mad as shit and made his life hell, he’s trying to discredit them for some reason. He wants you to believe they are all crazy because he’s a misogynist who thinks angry, upset women are all psycho. He wants you to hate them, but why?

Think about it. Why would he want you to hate a stranger? And if his exes are angry and hurt by him, find out why. Not from him.

He’s like Jekyll and Hyde

One of the things you might notice is that he’s like two different people. He’s one person to you but a complete actor to everyone else. He speaks to you and treats you in ways he would never treat his friends. You might also notice he’s like this with his mother. He might be lovely to her face but absolutely vile behind her back. Or he might be absolutely vile to his mother whilst telling everyone what an amazing mother he has. Watch out for this one.

He literally believes he is a gift to women

The thing is with men who hate women, is that they also want to be desired by women. They think they are the best you will ever get, they might even tell you that. They might tell you they could leave you and get another woman very quickly whereas you would end up alone because no one will want you. He describes himself as the perfect partner and often lists all the amazing qualities about himself. He makes you feel like he is the only man who will ever look twice at you – but that women are crawling all over him and you’re lucky to have him.

He engages in benevolent sexism but dresses it up as respect for women

Red flag for a misogynist – they dress up their sexism by making it sound like concern or respect for women. Examples include ‘I’ll get that door for you’ or ‘women shouldn’t be carrying heavy items’ or ‘the army is no place for a lady’ or ‘women shouldn’t be exposed to lad culture’. He’s saying you’re not his equal. Women are less than him.

He doesn’t like you being praised or celebrated

Watch out for this one. Does he get moody or annoyed when people are happy for you or telling you how great you are? When someone thanks you or supports you, does he say they are ‘up your ass’ or ‘probably want something from you’? Does he get angry if others tell you you have talent or skill?

You might notice that he claims to be proud of you but it feels shallow or fake. That’s because it is.

He takes your ideas and passes them off as his own

Of course he does. He’s a misogynist. He can’t bear the idea of you thinking something before him or better than him.

He only helps with the kids in front of people

Ugh. This one is so disgusting. The way he leaves you to cope with the kids or baby for hours on your own until his parents show up and then he’s superdad. When they leave he’s back to ordering you around. He knows what he’s doing. He’s keeping up appearances. The way he calls it ‘helping with the kids’ like he’s doing you a favour.

He will get annoyed when you talk about misogyny and sexism because he doesn’t think it really exists anymore

No explanation needed here. He’s a misogynist.

He hates feminism and thinks women’s rights are a joke

Any man who hates feminism is a red flag for misogyny. What man who loves and respects other humans would not want equal rights for women and the end of oppression of women? If he doesn’t want that, there’s something wrong with him. He claims men are more oppressed than women and that feminism is man-hate. He thinks feminists are all disgusting, ugly, spinsters or lesbians. He’s a misogynist.

He may try to play you off against other women

He wants you to be insecure – he wants you in direct competition with other women or his exes. Worse, you might even feel that you’re in competition with his mother. It might be that he tells you other women are better than you. It might be more subtle than that. Maybe sometimes he brings up how amazing he thinks other women are whilst treating you like you’re stupid and worthless.

The last point is that he may actually learn over time not to show any of these behaviours or views. Despite this, he might still be violent and abusive towards you.

He might attack you, abuse you, force you to have sex or gaslight you but then go back to being ‘perfect’ for a while. Do not under any circumstances believe this bullshit persona. His violence is not accidental. The way he swiftly reverts to being ‘perfect’ and apologises profusely, is a tactic.

If after reading this, you think your boyfriend or husband is a misogynist, the best thing to do is to leave. I don’t say this lightly and I know how this will come across.

You can’t live with someone who hates you, puts you down and doesn’t believe you are his equal.

Don’t spend your life trying to prove yourself to a misogynist. You’ll never be good enough and he’ll make sure you know it. Don’t spend your life trying to raise children with a man like that either. The quicker (and safer) you and the children can get out, the better. Children, whether boys or girls, do not need a misogynist as a role model.

Finally, remember that his beliefs and values about women are not a reflection on you. You can’t change views like that and none of this is your fault.

But for your own sanity, talk to someone you trust and try to get out. If this article has raised an alarm for you, tell someone.

Written by Dr Jessica Taylor

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Email: Jessica@victimfocus.org.uk

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50 thoughts on “20 signs your boyfriend or husband is a misogynist

  1. So important to get this information out there. I think misogyny can be hard to spot much of the time, and for good reason — if you can’t identify it, you can’t defend against it. Many dudes pretend to be allies to women and pretend to want “women’s rights” (though if you notice, it’s mainly your right to have sex with them). These same dudes will selectively downplay or demonize certain women (celebrities, politicians, ex girlfriends) and claim that their hatred of these women has nothing to do with sex but you’ll notice these dudes don’t spew nearly the same amount or type of vitriol at men. And misogynists may also reveal themselves when you hold them accountable. As long as you stay in your lane, they love you, but the minute you hold them accountable for anything, you’re a “psycho, b****”. Misogynists come in all shapes and sizes and PLENTY of them claim to be feminists. Trust your perceptions; if a dude, even subtly, questions your sanity for raising your concerns, best to start making your exit plan.

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    1. Another way to spot that you’re in a relationship with a man who doesn’t really like you very much, apart from the fact he’s being an arsehole, is when you start trying to find the fix that will get the relationship back to what it was in the early days. Remember those early days when it seemed that he thought you were wonderful, and you were on cloud 9 at his loving attentiveness? How good did it feel to be loved like that, eh? How lucky you were to have found the man who loved you so well. We all know that the early days of intense love don’t last, but the love is still supposed to stay around, regardless, not disappear when the novelty is over.

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      1. C’mon Random acts of blindness, no-one’s going to spend 14 minutes of their time watching a YouTube clip from a random stranger (see what I did there 🙂 ) Just give me the bullet points.

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      2. I am worried because my boyfriend shows signs of some of these Flags. We are young 20 and 21. I feel like he was sheltered growing up and thats why he has some of these beliefs… yet sometimes he wants me to help him have a better view… How will I know if he can ‘change’ his ways in order to be with someone he loves? I dont want to end up staying with someone who ends up being the opposite of who I thought he was.

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      3. At twenty years old most of a person’s habits and characteristics are established. This doesn’t mean that a person can’t change or improve, but it does mean that not much of what you do or say will change them. They have to change themselves, and they only change if they want to, and only then if there is a benefit in them changing for longer than the two weeks required to get you back onside if there’s been a split, or there is threat of a split. This goes for either men or women. As far your own situation goes, do whatever you want in your life or with your relationship, but don’t have kids with a dickhead. Best advice I ever heard.


      4. Welcome to Reality, here women have ONLY sex and babies to offer a man, but since women have weaponized both sex and children, men have basically nothing to gain from women anymore -_-
        there is now NO realistic reason for man to get shackled down into the slavery of relationships/marriage !


    2. Arainandgale: yeah, it’s only guys who gaslight, right?

      You know, I’m struck by the fact that what many women consider as abusive behaviour on a man’s part, isn’t even commented on when women behave that way.

      How many of you have said this when confronted about the way you treat people:

      “You’re being ridiculous”
      “You’re being childish”
      “You need to work on your issues”
      “Grow up”
      “Man up”

      Ever hit a man or thrown something at him for being verbally disrespectful? He might well be a dick, but you are a scumbag.

      Yes, I know; whataboutery.
      Well, maybe you can self isolate in those glass houses, eh?
      Watch what you do with the stones.

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    3. Oh, and I say plenty to men..believe me.🙄

      Like, for example, the white knights who can’t do enough to help women, but then get annoyed when they don’t get the “gratitude” they expected. Total fucking creeps.🤮 I like “ode to the woke bro” on this blog.

      So don’t mistake me.😉


    4. A simple formula:
      if a woman is looking to take everything from a good man, he should give her nothing. She deserves nothing.

      If she needs nothing and expects nothing(genuinely) except respect and fair reciprocal treatment, this same man will give her everything. And she will deserve it.

      Oh, if you could truly get or accept this….


    5. A man loses patience, and shouts aggressively at his wife.

      We say he’s a horrible abusive asshole.

      A man says something that annoys his wife. She kicks him in the nuts.

      We ALL laugh.

      What’s wrong with this picture?🤔

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  2. Because of reproductive violence + that (defining biologically rather by self-definition) men can’t be pregnant, it’s obviously wrong for the guy to claim that men are more oppressed OVERALL. But aggressive feminists would make no distinction between this and claiming that men are more oppressed IN SPECIFIC AREAS: clothes and looks, social repression of emotions, gay accusations unless conforming to a tough aggressive persona. So women attracted to the strength + physical abilities in men, or who tell a man witnout full-time work that he “should be” the provider, are exploitative misandists to escape from.

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  3. I have a few more to add. He watches porn and sees nothing wrong with women being exploited and raped for his pleasure. He frequently ogles other women in front of you, they think women exist solely for their viewing pleasure. They frequently post or like memes on social media that are degrading to women. Their close friends all have the same views and are frequently in unhappy relationships and/or are cheaters.

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  4. Some of which are things a lot of women also do themselves, and aren’t criticized for nearly as much, miso.

    Mainstream media doesn’t cover this much.

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  5. Some thoughts..

    Men often hold women to an unrealistic moral standard they seldom live up to themselves.

    Women often hold men to an unrealistic standard of performance in relationships. They seldom live up to it themselves.


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  6. “He might like posts, watch shows or listen to speakers who consistently talk shit about women and girls.”

    Care to explain how this is not special pleading? Why is it not acceptable for a man to consume media critical of women’s behavior, but it is acceptable for you to create a lengthy article critical of men’s?

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    1. Mua, they call it whataboutery when we hold a mirror up to their behaviour and compare it to their complaints.🙄

      Apparently, there is nothing wrong in criticising people for something you are either just as guilty of doing, or more guilty. As long as you have a vagina.🤨

      The fact that this is done with a straight face at all, proves women are capable of great self control, when it suits.😏

      There is a significant minority of ladies who themselves hate this in other women, from my experience. Maybe a third or so.
      That’s subjective, I admit.🤔

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  7. I have some too..miso.

    She sees nothing wrong with provoking tense situations, and expecting her partner to risk his safety to shield her from consequences.
    She frequently ogles other men in front of you, even commenting on it to you because that amuses her.
    They believe men exist solely to provision their lives, and expect this from them BECAUSE they are men.
    She loves to laugh at memes and TV programs that belittle men as stupid morons.
    Their closes friends generally have the same views and are unhappy and/or cheating.

    Know the difference miso? What I wrote would be considered sexist. Yours wouldn’t

    I struggle to see why.

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  8. This Karen had one mimosa too many after a hard breakup her 20 something tinder date and wrote this drivel.

    Whatever school provided a PhD to this cretan should be investigated for fraud.


      1. Hmm.. he probably asked for it, eh ladies?🙄

        He should stop whining, shouldn’t he? He probably said the wrong thing😒



  9. Whoever started the human experiment way back when is definitely shaking their head at all these “modern”, self professed, psychologists with their offended mindset and ridiculous vocabulary.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Grow up FFS.


  10. Hi. Actual misogynist here. Something you’ve probably seldom ACTUALLY encountered in your life if at all, since your standards are so whack that you mistake a man not showing the favoritism you are accustomed to as sexism against you, and you think this precisely because you DON’T typically encounter the real thing. Ironically, I actually PASS most of the conditions on your list. Largely because I don’t expect or try to get anything good out of women and thus avoid them. I won’t be putting you down to your face, I’m just that blur you saw out of the corner of your eye who you’ve never talked to and if you knew how much money I had, who you’d suddenly find very sexy for some reason you can’t quite put your finger on. I’m the sort of man you never even meet, if I can help it, because while the men you think are sexist are catcalling you, I’m the one who actually stays away from you because you actually disgust me and I want nothing to do with you. You think a sexist man is one who wants sex with you when he wants it and on his terms? Ha! Amateur! I don’t want it from you at all! I’ve transitioned from heterosexual to asexual from my sheer resentment of women alone, I can’t even find anything appealing about you any more, the prospect of sexuality with you has all the appeal of sex with a big insect creature at this point, like d’vorah from Mortal Kombat 11, you’re the stuff of nightmares to me. I’m also the sort you can’t make feel ashamed of himself and ‘correct’ into having the ‘acceptable’ thoughts that men that in your book who aren’t defective are allowed to have, by using the word misogynist as an insult and other shaming terms, because why should I consider that to be an insult? If you really wanted to insult me, you would call me a feminist. Now THERE’S an insult. It’s kind of funny, that you think it’s sexism against women when men show you attention and want things from you. I wonder what you’d think of a life in which no one will give you attention at all. That’s the life my poor benighted incel brothas have to deal with, a life DEVOID of attention in a world that hates their guts. And no one but a few like myself gives them one ounce of sympathy, just disdain, they’re just labeled as creeps and given derision. Oh it would be so delicious to see the same women presently complaining about getting the wrong kind of attention from men, getting ignored entirely. I want to see you all die miserable and alone atop a pile of dildos in your 1-room apartments, weighing 400 pounds, that thought puts a smile on my face. But please leave a window open so that your cats can escape. Won’t someone please think of the poor kitties? The only comfort that I get out of the pending heat death of the universe, is knowing that at least all the women will die off too. See what I mean, when I say you have no actual experience with REAL misogynists? You think a boyfriend who is ‘demanding’ is sexist. You probably think a man who says hi to you on the street is sexist. What a joke. I’m something you have no experience with.

    But enough about me. And so I ask you, what of your own misandry? I look around and see gynocentric bias in all around me, to comical proportions. I see women and I see them show strong preferential treatment in favor of other women, while I see men and I see them show preferential treatment in favor of….. women. I see no one favoring men. Except maybe a few odd mgtows and incels. The only reason men may succeed more at something is because they’re literally better at everything, not because they’re the beneficiaries of favoritism. I see women show disdain for men…. and I see men show…. that they’re a bunch of cucks with no pride willing to demean themselves and lie in the mud because they think that women will like them for it (spoiler alert, they still won’t, guys, ’cause hypergamy and female nature) and because they’re so gosh darned ashamed of themselves for being guilty of the crime of being born male and males are just so gosh darned privileged in everything and we need to do something to compensate for this, such as hurting men and advantaging women to make things even again. Oh but it’s taboo to mention this, because we need to perpetuate the feminist narrative that women are oh so oppressed and misandry doesn’t even exist and everything is sexist and all sexism is against women. When the reality of the world around me is actually nearly the complete opposite of that. That is why there is such a disconnect between me and others…. because I’m the rare thing that is against the norm. We live in a supposed patriarchy, in which every legal right a man has, is enjoyed by women, but women have LOTS of legal rights men don’t have. Did you know that the supreme court ruled that women are exempt from statutory rape laws? Do you know what happens if a 30 year old woman gets pregnant from a 15 year old boy? They wait 3 years and then he has to pay 2 years of back child support or else go to jail, and he ain’t getting out of jail unless his family pays off the amount due, since he won’t be making an income in jail. And if they don’t, he stays in jail. For. The. Rest. Of. His. Life. That’s right. Male victims have to pay their rapists or go to jail for life. If a man isn’t even the father and the woman claims he’s the father, he’s also on the hook for child support payments for all the time up to the date of the paternity test, did you know that? They don’t just throw the claim in the trash, no he’s just off the hook for all payments due after the genetic test was done. Even though it was never his child, even before the paternity test, he has to pay child support just because some woman somewhere decided to put his name on a document. Or else he goes to jail. So much male privilege there it staggers the mind. THAT is the system that has been put in place these last 100 years since women got the vote. Hmmm, I wonder if that’s a coincidence. Oh but let’s concern ourselves with womens’ issues, because that’s the focus of feminism. You know, all those mean ol’ stinky boys wanting sex from their girlfriends. That’s something we need to DO something about, isn’t that right ladies? And other IMPORTANT issues to feminists. Like shouldn’t health insurance provide free tampons, and how dare health insurance cost more for women just because you cost the system several times as much per capita as men, but you’re just fine with car insurance costing more for men, ’cause equality, or something. What is this equality you say you want, anyway? It’s like you have a 100 meter race with Usain Bolt and other men, and Usain wins, and so you demand a redo, but this time he and EVERY man in the race has to run while wearing diving flippers instead of regular shoes, in order to make things “equal”. That’s your frigging idea of equality. Compensation to make up for your own failings which you presume is due to sexism against you, but twist ending, it was because your lack of talent all along, and you were never equal in the eyes of nature. And then if he still manages to win despite wearing diving flippers, you say something like “we’ve made great progress, but we have so much work yet to do”. And so you demand you need to be able to ride a motorcycle in the race. And then you finally win the race, and then happily declare “yay, women are superior, I knew it all along!” We’re at the halfway point. The race at the first redo. The point where you are heavily advantaged, and yet still narrowly losing, and presuming you’re still disadvantaged despite being heavily advantaged, because what other explanation could there be for you losing, since you’re equal….. right?

    I contend that feminism is nothing more than solipsism with regard to all males in the universe and you show this with everything you do and always have right from the beginning. It’s really quite amazing how formulaic you are about it. For example, when a man gets accused of sexual assault, first, in everyone’s eyes at the start, he’s guilty, because we should believe women. If he’s put on trial and acquitted, it’s a rapist that got away, and a darn shame, and we need to get the conviction rate up for the good of all women to put the monsters away, and it’s more evidence that men usually get away with it because we live in such a patriarchy that loves men so much, and it couldn’t possibly be that justice was actually done. And when in the rare event he actually has proof that she fabricated it all, like the cab driver with video of his female passenger flailing her arms and screaming “help, he’s raping me!”, they fall back on showing 0 concern for the male victim, and trying to twist this into being about women again, saying it’s a tragedy merely because it supposedly makes it harder for “actual victims of sexual assault” (i.e. women that were actually assaulted by men) to come forward, because they absolutely cannot allow for time to be spent being concerned about even one man, they cannot allow one cent of money to be spent on men’s behalf if they can help it, every moment of everyone’s day and all resources available must be spent worrying about women, everything must always be about women. Why? Because they’re solipsists with regard to all males in the cosmos and a second or one cent spent on men would be a waste, because that’s money and time that should be spent on REAL people, not fake people. And the most awful thing of all, is that feminism, is just female nature when they have power. You give women power over men’s autonomy and their natural solipsism comes out, and nobody notices it because of their own ginormous gynocentric biases, blinding them to the enormity of their gynocentric biases.


  11. Well aren’t you a good boy🤮😂

    Do you think for yourself? Or buy into this anti male nonsense so you can say “look I’m a good guy, not like those meatheads” and what exactly is your motivation to do this? You’ll never give the honest answer will you?

    This ideology says you, yes YOU and every other male, are a born predator.

    You have to actively prove you are a decent person.
    It teaches women, not reasonable caution with men(fair enough), but active suspicion. Just imagine if say, someone took the same approach with a culture or race, we would call them what they are: bigots.

    Male feminists are pure cringe.
    You only have to be an egalitarian, man. Stop crawling up their asses for approval.


  12. Here’s another one…🤔

    I know. You don’t bother watching, right?😏
    Psst… I’m not trying to reach you.🤗


  13. Quite a bit of this blog is just examples of bad husbands/boyfriends.

    Behavior that indicates a terrible life partner, not necessarily a red flag of misogyny. Many women are guilty of equivalent garbage behavior, and this behavior does not necessarily imply hatred of men.

    Examples: Takes your ideas and passes them off as his own. That is terrible, arrogant, obnoxious behavior.

    But women do it to men, as well and it is not an indicator of misogyny or misandry.
    Sure most mysoginsts and misandrists are likely to engage in such behavior, but not all people who engage in that behavior are mysoginstic or misandristic. Just selfish.

    Doesn’t like/can’t handle you being praised. Once again, not necessarily an indicator of your feelings about women (or men) as a whole. Just an indicator that you are dealing with an awful partner.

    And I have definitely dated no less than 3 women who behaved this way. One in particular would constantly laugh and belittle me, when people would praise my drumming. It is probably the only thing I am confident about, and when others would compliment my playing, she would laugh and say “they’re just being nice, you aren’t THAT good”. Every time.

    His eyes are psychos..
    Quite a few of mine are. 100% of my wife’s exes also are. So, either we both attract crazy people (and to be fair, she is crazy in her own way and so am I, but in a way that makes us work well as a couple. 15 years together, only gone to bed mad at each other 3 times), or I am a misogynist and she is a misandrist.

    Now, other things to clarify….
    Puts you down about anything…. do you mean if they put you down all the time? Or even once, no matter what it is?

    Because context matters. I might get annoyed when I wake up to pee at 3 am, and there is a reality show on TV playing entirely too loud, 3 candles burning and my wife is passed out, snoring, with the last drink she poured spilled all over the couch; I might say something not super nice.
    The same way she might, if I leave the oven on after cooking and go to bed after dinner, still having not turned it off.

    That, to me, is human. An annoyed/shitty reaction, to a thoughtless act. (In our case, usually followed by exchanged apologies)

    If you mean they put you down constantly, about everything, well, that is just verbal abuse, emotional neglect and terrible behavior. Not exclusive to either sex and not an indication of hatred of the other sex.

    Finally, using woman as an insult is NOT misogyny.

    How do women feel, if someone says “you look like a man”? In my estimation, most would not take it well.
    What about if someone tells a woman that she talks like a man? Walks like a man? Acts like a man? Many women would not take that well….. is it because they hate men? Maybe, sometimes. But, in most cases, it’s because most women who want to be thought of as feminine do not appreciate being called out as manly.

    So if you tell a man that something he is doing is “girly” or “effeminate”, it’s not using female as an insult. It’s implying he is not as masculine as he would like the world to believe he is. Which plays on his insecurities.

    The same way telling a woman who got all dressed up for a night out that she has a face like a dude, would play on her insecurities.

    And, to be clear – because I know things said in text lose the context provided by facial expression and tone of voice – none of this is meant to be shitty or argumentative. Just pointing out some alternate perspectives that you may not have considered.


  14. misogynist ex-husbands legacy is teaching it to his 3 sons, all by different “psycho” moms.
    Every single one, ran like the house was on fire…..including me.

    Our adult son, calls me “a f-ing whore” all the time….and he grins if he hears it.
    The other, 2 older sons, have 0 relationship with their moms either.
    Obviously, he did not learn that from me & I am not a paid sex worker.

    Narcissist, misogynist, covert, pig.
    I wish there was a pre-natal test.
    They are the most toxic things, next to a pandemic.


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