Ode to the woke bro

Ode to the woke bro

Dr Jessica Taylor


He calls himself a feminist

And stands up for women’s rights

But he still jacks off to porn

On those lonely nights

He calls himself an ally

And supports a woman’s choice

To get her tits out for empowerment

But not to use her voice

He calls himself a feminist

But I think he is a liar

Because when women argue with him

He tells them to go die in a fire

He calls himself an ally

And he sure does love the sex work

But if his own daughter did it

He’d go fuckin berserk

He calls himself a feminist

And here he is again

To remind all the lesbians

That they should sleep with men

He calls himself an ally

Harassing female scholars on twitter

Telling her how to do her research

And then mansplaining it to her

He calls himself a feminist

But shouts at women on the net

That, ‘Not all men are like that!’

Just in case we all forget

He calls himself an ally

But will report you to your employer

If you talk about sex based rights

So you’d better have a lawyer

He calls himself a feminist

But claims that men are oppressed

Whilst tweeting slurs about an MP

For her ‘inappropriate dress’

He calls himself an ally

And says he has a wife and daughter

And jokes he‘d kill his 15 year old

If she started dating and he caught her

He loves his male privilege

And he calls himself woke

But as far as I can see

He’s just another angry bloke

He’s not a feminist

And he’s not an ally

He’s a woke bro with an ego

Just another misogynist guy

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9 thoughts on “Ode to the woke bro

  1. Yes! So many of them around. In Scotland known as “whitabooteries”, as they always say, for example, “What about the men who are abused?”’ when abused women are mentioned!

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  2. Nope. It’s just that a lot of people only care when women are mistreated, and couldn’t give two fucks when it happens to guys.

    Men and women are both of equal value. I hate ALL abusers.

    I agree with this verse, though.
    It’s why people don’t trust “woke” nice guys. A lot of them “support” women, to get a shot at getting in their knickers.


      1. What’s wrong with questioning someone who doesn’t live by their own standards, and expects you to, quine?

        What aboutery is perfectly legitimate. It is basically comparing a person’s words to their actions to see if they are full of shit, or worth listening to.

        Women do it all the time, and I don’t see many complaining.

        You are criticising people for pointing out hypocrisy. You won’t get far doing that.


    1. Feh. Another Cancervative airing out their Tin-Eared & Tone-Deaf Slash Fiction fantasies re How People Who Decline Making A Virtue Out Of Being An Asshole think & feel.



  3. I’ve met quite a few of the ‘woke bro’ types. I think there are probably some genuine guys who aren’t just faking it, but there are a LOT of fakers too.
    The worst I’ve had was one guy who told me he was a feminist within the first 5 minutes of meeting me, and then spent the next 30 minutes staring at my boobs, then when we said goodnight he hugged me without asking and said “hope I’m not squashing your breasts”. I was honestly seconds away from just booting him in the balls. I wish I had, but I’m a bit too nice for my own good I think. I hate to think how many other girls he’d been doing the same crap with though!


    1. Yes..they can’t do enough for you, then get annoyed you didn’t give them the “gratitude” they expected. Creeps.

      It’s just modernised white knighting, and Lancelot always wants to sire Guinevere.


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