I analysed the searches people used to read my blog and it’s not good news for women 

I analysed the searches people used to read my blog and it’s not good news for women

By Jessica Eaton

27th December 2018

Content warning for sexual violence and search terms by abusive and violent people

In 2018, my blog had just over one million views. I write about victim blaming, psychology of sexual violence, child sexual abuse and trauma for the most part. I’ve also written some very popular blogs about feminism and whataboutery.

My wordpress account collects search term data where available and I have been intrigued to see what people write in Google to end up reading my blogs. I did promise everyone that I would perform a basic thematic analysis on the dataset and show you the findings. Well, here we are. It’s pretty bad.

First some stats:

Out of one million views, the majority came from facebook, Twitter and other social networks and forums such as Mumsnet.

75,347 of them came directly from search engines using search terms and keywords

Of these, 28,236 were not available or unknown

Leaving 47,111 search terms I can analyse

I removed just under 4000 search terms that deliberately looked for my work containing my name or a copied and pasted link to my blog

Therefore, I had around 43k search terms left to group into broad themes.
The results are below, and paint a pretty depressing picture for women, girls and feminism – but as I will explain, provide some hope and direction for 2019.

Theme 1: Questions about whether women and men can be equal

Examples of searches:

Are men and women equal

Are women equal to men

Men and women can never be equal

Can men and women be equally successful

Do women want equality or feminism

Men and women are not equal

Why do women want equality

Women are not oppressed

Girls and man can never be equal

Women are not equal to men

What men have that women don’t

How women should behave right in society

Women should not be given equal rights

Men don’t want to work with women

Boys are more moral than girls in society

This theme was the largest of all of the themes, and provided evidence that thousands of people are looking for answers online about whether women can be equal to men. This is a contentious issue and the phrasing differed depending on the person. This theme suggested to me that we have much work to do in order to talk about and achieve equality (more like equity) of the sexes. Clearly people want to talk about and learn about this so maybe we should create resources, programmes, books, lessons and materials about this?

Theme 2: People sure do hate feminism and feminists 

Examples of searches:

Feminism is evil

I hate feminism

I hate feminists

Feminism is the belief that women are better than men

Feminists are unfair against men

Women cannot acknowledge men

Girls who don’t like feminism

Why men end up hating women

Feminists shut down talk about men’s issues

Why women are not held accountable

In 2018, guys can’t even talk to women

Feminism is bad

Stay away from feminists

Feminism is wrong

Refusing feminism

Why feminism is bad

How can feminists love men

Why people hate feminism

Feminists think women are better

Why I hate feminists

Men don’t want a feminist

How to change a girl so she is not a feminist

How to get my girlfriend to stop being a feminist

The world does not need feminists

Crazy feminists

Could women wage war against men

Are women becoming a threat to us men

Why men don’t want females to rule

Women will become just as bad as men

Feminism is shit

Is feminism destroying men

Female supremacy is close

Sick of feminists

Lies feminists tell

This theme is interesting because it contained so much information we can use to understand people’s fear of feminism. There is the tired stereotype of feminists being evil man hating women, but there are also men actively trying to dissuade their female partners away from feminism – to the point where they are googling how to stop their wives and girlfriends from being feminist. Eek.

There is also the confusion caused by the man-hating stereotype that has left many people confused as to how feminists are marrying men and having families (this one cracks me up on the regular but we have to take this seriously because it means people genuinely can’t believe that feminists can love their male friends, partners, colleagues, family members etc).

The final issue is the fear that feminism will lead to a world in which women treat men the way men currently treat women. Now that’s some interesting shit. How can you possibly claim women are not oppressed or that women are equal and simultaneously be worried that women might one day treat you the way you treated them? Hmm?

Theme 3: Curiosity about feminism

Examples of searches:

Things feminists say

What women think about feminism

What do feminists think of domestic abuse against men?

Is it good or bad thing to be a feminist?

Feminism is it right or wrong?

What do women want in feminism?

How to safely explain you’re feminist to a man

Can a man be a feminist?

Do feminist think all men are rapists?

Why is feminism important?

Why should I become radical feminist?

Should I stop talking to a guy who hates feminism?

Why aren’t there any old feminist?

Do feminists fight for men too?

Did any feminist ever help men’s issues?

Why do people hate feminism?

If I become a feminist, do I need to hate men?

Do women realise that feminism isn’t working?

How does a feminist find love with a man?

Are there any movements that can dismantle feminism?

This theme presents opportunity. Don’t be put off by some of the questions, they all present opportunities for us to educate and talk to people so feminism is not misconstrued or deliberately twisted. There are lots of common misconceptions here that we can write blogs, give speeches, make videos and talk about.

The one thing that did worry me was the amount of women who were searching how to tell their boyfriend or partner or male relative that they were feminist, whilst being concerned about their own safety. These women are clearly worried about violence or consequences of being ‘outed’ as a feminist and that means in some families and relationships, feminism and women’s rights are not welcome at all.

Theme 4: Porn, child abuse imagery and sexual violence 

Example searches:

Chicken nugget sex

Use my pussy

Skool pussy

Beat that pussy up

Beat women sex

Women who like to be beaten and fucked

Sex where I can beat the woman

Sex with big mum

Film a rape

Kim kardashian nude photos

Extension pussy

Sex with chicken live videos

Girls who like their pussy beat

Beat up a girl and fuck her

Pakistani rapes white girl porn

Women who like being raped

Women who have had babies being fucked

Young teens in tight slutty bathing suits

Pregnant women porn

Rape porn sex

Young care giver porn

Raped college girlfriends

Stories of very young girls first time

Terrorists forcing women to fuck porn

Terrorist rapes girl porn

A man beating a lady up and fucking her

Beaten woman having sex porn

Porn video of woman getting the shit kicked out of her

XXX cse porn

Little girl in sexy swim suit raped sex videos

Raping a 15 year old girl video

Sexually abuse my daughter film

Rape virginity child pain

Chubby little girls in swimsuits porn

Well, what can I say after that list? We have some serious issues here. Clearly a real arousal from violence against women and young girls with many searches for beating and raping women and girls. This is nothing new. Gail Dines, Julia Long, Suzan Blac, Julie Bindel and even NSPCC and Barnardo’s have been warming of this trend for a long time. Violence is now in the majority of all porn. The torture, beating and raping of women and girls has become normalised.

What it does make me wonder is why so many people searching for such horrendous abuse imagery and porn end up clicking on my blog instead and reading my work. I can’t imagine that’s what they set out to do. Maybe that’s why I get so many angry blog comments from men.

Theme 5: Misogyny

Examples of searches:

I hate being a woman

I hate female bodies

I’m a girl but I don’t want to be a woman

I don’t want to be a woman anymore

Women get the shittiest end of everything

Being a man must be easier than being female

Proof that women are shit

Women cause most of worlds problems

Women are evil

Women don’t deserve rights

Women are inferior to men

Can a slut truly escape her past

I hate women in power

The problem with women these days

Without male authority women fall apart

Women secretly like being treated bad

Women have become evil

Women are worthless

Why women lead men on

Women should serve men

Women have annoying personalities

This one was quite a sad finding. Especially the amount of women who just didn’t want to be women anymore because they couldn’t stand it. We’ve been talking about this trend all year and I’m sad my findings support it, but women and girls just don’t want to put up with misogyny anymore and some hate being women and girls.

However, it’s not hard to see why when you add theme 4 and the other search terms from theme 5. Who the hell would want to be a female in this world with these beliefs and values about us?

Theme 6: People need answers and women need support 

Example searches:

Can you educate people to stop rape?

I was raped

Rape education

Should I I ever say rape?

Should I get raped or abused?

Can CSA cause bpd?

Why did woman faint during rape?

Borderline personality disorder caused by abusive relationships

Did being raped cause my bpd?

Pains a rape victim might go through

Reducing rape incidents

Why is rape a crime?

Why does sex hurt me after molestation?

Sexual trauma symptoms

Muscle soreness after rape

How do I stop rape thoughts?

My abusive husband watches men rape me what do I do?

Women with bpd make false sexual assault reports

Why do girls with bpd always cry rape?

Other women who have survived rape

I cannot do the things my husband wants me to do in bed

Why do I hypersexualise after rape?

Physical injuries after I was raped

Medical problems after sexual assault

Feel dirty and see myself as object after rape

This theme was made up of the thousands of people seeking answers to a range of questions. Those questions reveal issues we need to address. The first is around borderline personality disorder and why it is being linked to rape. I know my answer to that is that many women and girls who are told they have BPD are usually suffering from trauma from abuse, oppression or violence and BPD is a sexist, catch-all diagnosis. However, there were a lot of people asking very derogatory questions about women and girls with BPD diagnoses that suggested people believe they lie about abuse and rape. That needs addressing very robustly.

There were a lot of people who found my blog by seeking advice or information about rape, abuse or sex. This means that we need to increase the amount of accessible information about more niches issues around these topics to accompany the huge collection of general information we already host on topics such as abuse, rape and violence.

Final words

The search terms used to find my blog fit into six broad themes. They suggest that misogyny, sexual violence and a hatred of feminism is rising – but that there are still thousands of people seeking advice, answers, information and support about rape, violence, sex and feminism that we can continue to help – whilst we come together to fight the obvious, powerful hatred of women and women’s rights.

2019 is not going to be easy, but we have so much to work towards and we are definitely capable of reaching millions of people worldwide to provide the information people need to understand feminism, sexual violence, misogyny and trauma.

Written by Jessica Eaton

Email: jessica@victimfocus.org.uk

Web: http://www.victimfocus.org.uk

16 thoughts on “I analysed the searches people used to read my blog and it’s not good news for women 

  1. We have God on our side, i know only God knows me, God brings me connecting with strong brave women 2 be there now rising in 2019. Huge is Gods influence. Thanks 4 all yr hard work. 🙂


  2. Very interesting read but not surprised at the results. I think it maybe a useful insight to more information, research and blogs that could help fill some of the gaps around sexual violence your web searchers maybe looking for. I’ve always thought there was not enough support to women after abuse/Trauma. I also think too many women are labelled with mental health issues after violence that some women end up medication and CBT therapy for .. I hate this one personally. How do women think more positively about Rape or sexual violence. Good Job Jessica.
    After reading youre earlier post. The most horrific comments and abuse you have reveived by carrying out your Job. I am sorry we live in a world thta allows women to be Hated in this way. Happy New year.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi Jessica, thanks for your last blog of 2018 – very revealing and in many ways disturbing.

    I’m interested in your take on BPD – it reflects my own view from talking to abused women but wonder if you can point me to academic work on this, please.

    Best wishes for 2019


    1. I’ve written quite a few blogs on it and I did a free webinar on this topic – go to YouTube and search ‘jessica Eaton webinar’


  4. I found your findings terrifying. To know that there is so much hatred and potential for harm against women floating out there is mind-boggling. I have daughters. They are adults now, but every time they date or start a relationship, I get so concerned. Thank you for your blogs. I have passed them along.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, just keep talking to them, keep communicating with them, keep talking to them about misogyny, abuse, violence, control etc etc – the more open you are in talking about it the more open they will be in talking about it too – and may spot it in society, colleagues or in friends or family so they can name how someone is behaving or treating them


  5. I’m stunned at this research and terrified for all children growing up in this world. Why does it seem to be ‘normal’ now to hate girls and women, when they are so important and contribute all they do to society? There is so much anger in people, this is not healthy or productive. Children are the future for us all, it’s our duty to protect, educate and equip them with the right tools to function. Not rot their innocent minds with our own prejudices and warped views.
    Our adult society have lost their ability to be selfless and think about others. It feels as if we don’t care anymore which is so sad. If that doesn’t change, our kids don’t stand a chance.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Section 5 was quite interesting as I have two female friends, one of whom has been in several violent relationships and been raped multiple times and the other was abused by one individual as a child and was raped again as an adult 4yrs or so ago in what I understand to have been a very violent and traumatic incident. The first, when she found a news report that said most women polled in the UK were happy that they were women, said she wasn’t and would rather be a man as it was safer. The other — when we were discussing circumcision, of all things — said “I’m just glad I’m not male”. I was quite surprised as she was among the last people I would have expected to say that.

    I suspect the reason is that the first has always seen women being abused in one way or another (including several cases in her birth family) while the second comes from a loving family with numerous positive male and female role models, the abuses were the exception and life has been good to her otherwise. I think some people have a very firmly ingrained gender identity and others do not, for whatever reason.

    BTW, “Beat The Pussy Up” or “Beat Dat Pussy Up” is a song title; it’s also the title of an episode of a TV series called “Corrupting Eden” (filed under action and comedy). I searched for it just to see what people were getting to by searching that (I picked one of the offensive search phrases at random) and most of the results were related to either the song or the show and I did not find any result that was on this site in nine pages of results.


      1. Found it. It’s always concerned me that so many women listen to music that was harmful or degrading to them when there is so much else available. When I was at sixth form college (a fairly desirable one in south London) in the early 90s, a lot of the girls were listening to the likes of R Kelly whose full abuses were not yet well-known (at least in the UK; in the Chicago area perhaps) but his lecherous stage act and lyrics were no secret. They use fairly innocuous tunes (like “She’s Got That Vibe” in Kelly’s case) so that people buy the albums and attend the gigs where the more harmful songs are to be found.

        I remember a piece in my college newspaper that said that if anyone said the things that appear in Kelly’s lyrics in real life, he would get a slap in the face but put to a tune, it got him an army of screaming female fans. Nowadays, probably the daughters of the R Kelly fans of my youth are the ones listening to Chris Brown and saying “he can beat me up anytime”.


  7. Depressing reading, but makes me more determined to tackle and talk. Sometimes it’s hard on social media threads when the vitriol and willful ignorance is so prevalent, but needs must.
    Thanks for your work.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Very depressing, but not terribly surprising. We know that such attitudes exist and are at least somewhat prevalent. The ‘feminism is bad’ trope is likely the most common. Pity that we can’t statistically estimate the commonness. Geographical distribution would be interesting as well.
    I’m always conflicted as to how to respond to things like this. Optimistic at how much things have improved or pessimistic at what remains to be done. I don’t think we’ll eliminate this kind of attitude and behavior. Human nature is not that malleable. We can, though, continue to improve things. It’s better now than it was 50 years ago, and better still than 100. We can confidently expect that, if we continue to do our part, 50 years from now will be better still. Cold comfort to those suffering now, perhaps, but that is what we have.


  9. What are the percentages for each of these? I think this information would be helpful in forming a more informed judgement. In addition, is there any way to verify this information? Otherwise, interesting insight.


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