A poem for the women: I am not who you want me to be and I hope I never will be

I am the shape that is not deserving of the spotlight 

My shape should be cleverly disguised at all times 

Until my lazy, fat ass can conform to their preferences 

I am just ‘asking for’ their slurs and their hate crimes.

I am the eyes that look straight through them 

My short clumped eyelashes flutter for no man 

These eyes scowl, scrunch up and stare at them 

My feet froze to the spot, but my mascara ran.

I am the untoned arms covered by capped sleeves 

My arms are strong but they are marked forever 

The same arms that can fight his heavy body off me 

Are the same arms that can cradle my children together.

I am the ass that is just never gonna cut it

My ass will never be perfect enough for their lace 

This ass will be groped, slapped and grabbed

They want to feel my flesh but never see my face. 

I am the breasts pushed up, pushed out and reshaped by their bras 

My breasts will never live up to porn expectations 

These breasts will be measured, judged and mused upon

But they will be censored if they are shown for lactation. 

I am the mouth that will make intolerable noise 

My mouth will shout and swear inconvenient truths 

This mouth, that they said was only good to suck their dick,

Will not be bound by their oppressive ideals of beauty, sex and youth. 
A poem by Jessica Eaton

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Web: http://www.victimfocus.org.uk

One thought on “A poem for the women: I am not who you want me to be and I hope I never will be

  1. This is so powerful, raw and honest. I think every woman can relate to this and the pressure we face to live up to these ridiculous expectations of beauty, and the degradation we face when we don’t. Thank you so much for posting this. Keep writing 🙂


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